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The International Gospel Hour moved from Texarkana, TX to the West Fayetteville Church of Christ in Fayetteville, TN on August 1, 1995, under the oversight of the West Fayetteville elders. Their desire is for the programs to be scripturally sound and will not endure any deviation from the truth of the gospel.

Winford Claiborne serves as Speaker/Director of the International Gospel Hour. W.E. Skipper served as General Manager, and speaker of the One Gospel Minute until his death in October 2006.   David Sain, who also serves as evangelist for the West Fayetteville church, has taken on responsibility as the Operations Manager.  Dauna Skipper is the secretary and computer operator for this radio ministry.

Winford Claiborne records his radio sermons in a studio located in his residence. The tapes are then mailed to National Recording Studio in Texarkana, TX where Chuck Richardson, chief engineer, builds the program for broadcast by adding an introduction, singing and concluding remarks. The finished product is then uploaded on to the Gospel Hour website (www.gospelhour.net), for use by individuals and radio stations. 

A copy of the sermons, on compact disc, cassette tape or a printed transcript, are available free to all listeners. A free Bible Correspondence Course is also offered. The Mt. Leo Church of Christ in McMinnville, TN handles all the Bible Course requests in cooperation with the Gospel Hour. 

As of January 1, 2010:

Our radio station list includes twenty-one 50,000-watt stations, including fourteen clear-channel stations. 

The signals from these stations blanket the entire 48 states of the continental USA, and also reach into Canada and Mexico.

The Gospel Hour programs are currently heard on 138 stations in twenty-seven states. 

The programs are aired a total of 241 times every week, including:

     • Eighty-nine 30-minute broadcasts.

     • Six 25-minute broadcasts.

     • Fifty-eight 15-minute broadcasts.

     • Eighty-eight 5-minute broadcasts.

The International Gospel Hour serves as a "Mission Outreach" of the West Fayetteville Church of Christ. We are working diligently to continue the great work brother V.E. Howard started more than 70 years ago.

The West Fayetteville Elders:

Mark   Don

Mark Massey


Don Wallace

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